Winkel Doubles

Inflation on take out doubles; dangerous or not?

Since you have ten points on average, an opening hand is hard to find nowadays. But you can always bid on fewer values, when you have the right shape: board 11 of the Open Pairs, second session.






spade icon J 8 2

heart icon A Q J 9

diamond icon Q 9 6 5 4

club icon 5

spade icon 6 4

heart icon 10 6 5

diamond icon A K J 8 3

club icon A 9 6

spade icon A Q 10 3

heart icon K 8 4 3

diamond icon 7 2

club icon J 4 3

spade icon K 9 7 5

heart icon 7 2

diamond icon 10

club icon K Q 10 8 7 2

After two passes, North opened a natural One Diamond. With nearly an opening hand and both majors, I fancied a takeout double in the East seat. South bid One Spade and partner came alive with Two Hearts. That went round to South who now showed her club suit with a Three Clubs bid. West was not impressed and pushed on to Three Hearts. North had heard enough and rang the bell. That silenced everyone and I was preparing for my second apology this tournament. After North led three rounds of diamonds, he was the one who had to apologise. Declarer ruffed the third diamond high in dummy with the king of hearts, drew three rounds of trumps and finessed the spade king. All N/S made were a trick in each black suit and two diamonds. It was a full 100% score and as it was the first board of the day, I was encouraged to do this more often. Inflated bidding: if you want to get ahead of the field, bid until your ears drop on the table! (I expect this is a Dutch expression. Ed)

Het halve IMP-schrijversteam (Toine van Hoof, Rob van den Bergh, Marcel Winkel, en Huub van der Wouden) speelde dit toernooi. In IMP 2 van volgend jaar kun je een uitgebreid verslag tegemoet zien. In het tijdschrift natuurlijk, dus zorg dat je een abonnement hebt.